Happy New Year 2018

On the eve of the New Year we want to talk briefly about the traditions and customs of this holiday in Spain.

New Year in Spain (Año Nuevo) – is one of the country’s national holidays. It is celebrated on January 1 of each year according to the Gregorian calendar from 1582. The main difference between New Year and Christmas is the more public nature of this celebration. In the last night of the year the Spaniards go to the main square of their city and, following a clock, make wishes and eat 12 grapes. Each grape is swallowed for each stroke of the clock hands and is accompanied by a wish for the New Year. This custom was initiated for the first time in December 1897, although most Spaniards believe that the beginning of the tradition is associated with the surplus of grape harvest in 1909. Then in the country there was an overabundance of the harvest of grapes and the fruits had to be disposed of somehow. During the night from December 31 to January 1, the harvest was taken to the central square of Madrid, where every citizen could take as much as he/she wanted. People began to eat grapes right on the street under the movement of the clock hands. Since then, a tradition has appeared, to eat exactly 12 grapes at the time of the transition from the old year to the new one.

Another interesting feature of Spain – is that for the New Year you need to wear only red lingerie. Panties, socks, garters – everything should be just red, which symbolizes happiness in the New Year.

Summing up the most relevant events during the year is a good and useful tradition of this holiday, even in Spain. Therefore, we also have analysed the life of our company over the past three hundred and sixty-five days. The outgoing year was successful for Lex Dictum, we worked with interesting people and projects of which we are very proud. Our team of professionals enjoyed the new additions of employees, which allowed us to start working on a large number of complex projects and reach a new level of development.

We look with confidence in the coming year of 2018 and continue to fulfil our mission – to benefit people by doing what we love. In the coming year, we would like to wish all our Clients and collaborators prosperity, new horizons and an inexhaustible source of energy! Happiness and health to you and your loved ones! Happy New Year!

In the photo, the Lex Dixit team during the corporate dinner.

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